Original sculpture depicting Agent Smith’s (Hugo Weaving)
Original and unique sculpture depicting Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) after having suffered the fist of Neo (Keanu Reevs) in the scene of the main fight of the film Matrix Revolution. The sculpture is a unique piece of its kind and its uniqueness is demonstrated by the fact that at the end of the shooting of the film, it was donated to one of the oldest members of the production as a tribute to his career. Remained in a display, it is in excellent condition if not for very small signs of aging due to the composition of the material used (glass fiber and metal powder).
_ Dimensions: 23 cm x 34cm x 40 cm, scale 1: 1_ Material: glass fiber worked with metal powders_ 2003_ Production: Brothers Wachowsky & Warner Bros. Pictures _ Provenance: private collection

Bust depicting Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving), key figure and main antagonist of the Matrix film trilogy, written and directed by the Wachowskies sisters. Depicted in 1: 1 scale, the bust was created with the use of glass fiber fused together with metal powder which give the object a look of bronze like.
The statue was created using all the 3D fragments used by computer-graphics to represent the scene of the “superpugno”, a piece that is part of the most famous fight of the film Matrix Revolution (final chapter of the trilogy) of 2003, that is the final fight with bare hands between Neo, main protagonist (Keanu Reevs) and Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving). As in the still image desired by the director of the colossal, the bust also has a face and jaw distorted and modified by the fist immediately in full face, in fact on the left cheek have been highlighted the four furrows left by the power of Neo’s blow.




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