Complete at 90%, restored by American paleontologists.

Dimensions of the skeleton:

Height: 3,76 m
Length: 1,40 m
Width: 94 cm

Dimensions with the base:

Overall height: 2,00 m
Length: 1,20 m
Width: 3,76 cm

Age: Upper Jurassic (154-148 million years). Discovered in Albany County, Wyoming (United States of America).

Geological formation: Morrison.

Camptosaurus means « flexible lizard » or « bent lizard » and it belongs to the group of Ornithopods Iguanodontidae. It lived in Laurasia, in present-day North America and Europe(England and France). Measuring up to 6-7 meters long and weighing nearly 800 kg, Camptosaurus is herbivorous. Its skull is elongated, low and massive. Its jaw has about 3,000 teeth with many small tips to easily pierce leaves and stems of plants. These can be very tough; the teeth wear out quickly becoming almost flat. They end with a sort of beak, probably covered with a horny coating, that allows it to introduce plants in the mouth, where they are then sliced by the teeth.

Camptosaurus is a rather massive animal with a big stomach to digest the huge amount of leaves, roots and branches it feeds on. It has long, robust hindlimbs and rather short forelegs. The musculature of its hindlimbs allows it to reach a running speed of 25-40 km/h. Mainly biped, its forelegs are not strong enough to walk, but they can support its weight for a few moments: it can stand on all fours to devour plants at ground level.
The body was balanced by a long and very heavy tail.

Camptosaurus lives with other plant-eating species such as Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, and Brachiosaurus. Placid herbivorous, its only defence against great predators, like Allosaurus, is escape. Ornithopoda assigned to the Camptosauridae family, Camptosaurus includes three species of lower rank: C. Hoggii (Richard Owen, 1874), C. Dispar (Othniel Charles Marsh, 1879) and C. Prestwichii (Lohn Whitaker Hulke, 1880).

Its first name was Camptonotus (in 1879 by O. C. Marsh), later renamed Camptosaurus in 1895.


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