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Theatrum Mundi selects and highlights unique and extraordinary elements of the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. These rarities, discovered by our researchers in every corner of the planet, and all certified, then have their beauty enhanced by the laborious design and the skilful craftsmanship of great Tuscan masters, becoming sophisticated design objects. Unique specimens for those who love rarities and hard to find objects.


THEATRUM MUNDI the XXI century cabinet of curiosities in collaboration with Roberto BACIOCCHI

As soon as you step over the entrance of Theatrum Mundi, I will focus on your expression to understand if I have been successful in my aim, that is…. to astonish you!
In the Anglo Saxon world the most instinctive reaction is the famous “wow!” implying amazement, surprise, in the presence of something really superlative. This is just what I am looking for.
In other words, my challenge is to succeed in raising emotions, even if just for a while, not only in curious people, in lovers of beauty but also in insiders, that is to say people dealing with art, history, ethnography, palaeontology and so on.
Theatrum Mundi is for these reasons the “Room of Wonders” of the XXI Century, what we intend today is a very ambitious plan: to inaugurate a new mood.
We want to astonish and amaze by means of unique objects indissolubly linked to the framework of their setting. So they will give new definition to their environment characterizing it as a work of art.
In other words we would restate what the Futurists wrote more than one century ago.
“Standing on the top of the world we throw, once more our challenge to the stars..”!


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